Single mom needs dentures

Single mom needs dentures

Ann’s Question : Hi, i know you dont know me, But myself am desperate for advice. I have severe dental issues and have nightmares bout loosing my teeth. I’ve already lost my bottom left portion. I use to do drugs, been clean fir 14 plus years. My now living in reno and have a 10 year old. I know however have been recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, plus have heart Palpation and svt/afib.. I right now giving my state am pretty low. I have gone as far as asking Oprah and dr. Phil for help, even entered a contest to see if I can win a makeover. . Got to the second round, never got a call back. If I can get my smile to what it used to be.. if some how you can lead me in a direction of where I need to go.. my god it be appreciated. I’m not looking for a hand out. Just someone that’s willing to work with me financially. I’m a single mom, bad credit. . Can’t get a lone and still need help from her parents when app they want to do is retire…
Pleasee, if you can just let me know of anything that I might be able to look into..
Thank you.

Dentures PH Answer : I would love to help you. But you are very very far from my location. You can try and search for help from dental schools near you. They offer affordable dental treatment and sometimes they will do it for free.

Ann : Dental schools?? Just hard to trust a student. . It’s better than nothing though thank you for responding . I appreciate it

Denture wearers can not bite as well as natural dentition. -

Denture wearers can not bite as well as natural dentition. –

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