Improvements with Denture and Dentistry

Improvements with Denture and Dentistry

Alan’s Question : So I am aged 61 and a tooth fell out so went to dentist and they fitted a plate for this and another couple of missing teeth, which by the way is awful. My wife when she was 11 had the same thing after an accident. My plate is an exact replica of hers except she had hers done 50 years ago.
Has there not been any improvement in technology in dentistry in 50 years especially for NHS patients. I know it is still needle drill and plyers for most dentists as well. Same when I was a kid.

Dentures PH Answer : There are many improvements with technologies in denture and dentistry. The are new techniques in implant dentistry and prosthetic dentistry, especially in US and European countries.

The shape of the residual ridges changes over time. -

Denture Technology –

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