Fixed Partial Denture: Soft Tissue Management

Fixed Partial Denture: Soft Tissue Management

Tissue displacement procedure in Fixed Partial Prosthodontics

Soft tissue management is important in making accurate impression. Part of soft tissue management is tissue displacement procedure, which is done to expose crown margins. There are many techniques to retract soft tissue, one good example is Double Cord Technique.

Double Cord Technique (Two Cord Technique)

  • First cord controls seepage and bleeding. It remains in place during impression taking.
  • Second cord is larger and is placed above the first cord. It is removed prior to impression making.

Two Cord Procedure (How It is Done)
1. A piece of fine retratcion cord is placed in the gingival sulcus.
2. A thicker cord is placed over the first leaving a tag for removal.
3. The thicker cord is removed after washing.

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