Fixed Partial Denture in Shortened Dental Arch

Fixed Partial Denture in Shortened Dental Arch

Fixed Partial Dentures in Shortened Dental Arch

The shortened dental arch is defined as the functional, aesthetic, and natural dentition of no more than twenty teeth with an intact anterior region but a reduced number of occluding pairs of posterior teeth. A SHORTENED DENTAL arch (SDA) as described by Kayser is an arch within a dentition in which most, if not all, of the molar teeth are missing.

The SDA has been extensively researched for more than 2 decades. Accepting rather than restoring an SDA is a suitable treatment option for patients with a reduced dentition, including compromised molars, and limited opportunity to secure the benefit of advanced restorative care to manage their progressive dental disease. A number of longitudinal clinical studies have concluded that SDA therapy meets the functional and cosmetic requirements of patients, providing them with oral comfort and confidence in eating and socializing.

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