Fixed Partial Denture – Endodontically Treated Tooth

Fixed Partial Denture – Endodontically Treated Tooth

Tooth preparation for endodontically treated teeth for Fixed Partial Denture

Preop Periapical X Ray Showing Endo Treated Central and Lateral Incisor

Root canal

Remove only minimal tooth structure. Overenlargement can perforate or weaken the root. The thickness of the remaining dentin is the prime variable in fracture resistance of the root.


As much of the coronal tooth structure should be conserved as possible.

Provisional Dental Crowns


Tooth preparation for endodontically treated teeth is a 3 stage operation
1. Removal of the root canal filling material to the appropriate depth.
2. Enlargement of the canal.
3. Preparation of the coronal tooth structure.

Preparation of Lateral Incisor

Two commonly used methods for removing gutta percha
1. warmed endodontic plugger
2. rotary instrument


Fitting of Post

Post length is two thirds the length of the root.
Leave 5 mm of apical gutta percha.
An absolute 3 mm of apical fill is needed.
A rotary instrument should not be used immediately after obturation for it may disturb the apical seal.

Pre-cementation X Ray Shows a Space Between Post and Gutta Percha

Prefabricated Post

Advantages of Prefabricated Post
1. Simplicity of the technique
2. Minimum adjustment is needed for seating it to the full depth of the post space

Dual Cure Resin Cement is loaded into the Syringe

The Cement is Applied into the Root Canal

The Post was inserted. Cement was cured.

Core Build-up

Core Fabrication

Resin was chosen as core material. The advantages of resin are:
1. The maximum tooth structure can be conserved because undercuts do not need to be removed.
2. Treatment requires one less patient visit.
3. There are fewer laboratory procedures.
4. Testing generally shows good strength characteristics.


  1. vishal
    Jul 7, 2011


  2. marra
    Aug 18, 2016

    How much is RCT?

  3. Dentures PH
    May 15, 2017

    Ask a dentist in your locality. Its cost depends on many factors.


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