Fixed Partial Denture Clinic & Lab Procedures

Clinical management and laboratory procedures in Fixed Partial Denture

1. Mouth examination
Diagnosis and treatment planning
2. Selection of stock trays
Preliminary impression
Post placement and core build-up
3. Tooth preparation
a. Incisal / occlusal reduction
b. Proximal reduction
c. Facial reduction
d. Lingual reduction
e. Gingival margins
f. Rounding up of sharp corners and line angles
g. Finishing and parallelism
4. Tissue management
Final impression
centric jaw relation record
5. Provisional restoration
6. Mounting of casts
7. Wax pattern for retainers casting
8. Fitting of metal retainer
9. Wax pattern for facing and pontic
10. Fitting of Fixed Partial Denture
11. Cementation of Fixed Partial Denture

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