Affordable Cantilever Dental Bridge

Affordable Cantilever Dental Bridge

2nd premolar is a pontic supported by crown on the 1st premolar.

A cantilever bridge provides support for the pontic at one end only. The pontic may be attached to a single retainer or to two or more retainers splinted together, but has no connection at the other end of the pontic.

It is the most conservative design. If one abutment is used there is no need to make preparations parallel to each other. If 2 or more abutments are used, it is easier to make them parallel because they are adjacent to each other.

Occlusal rest is incorporated in this Posterior Cantilever FPD design.

The abutment for a cantilever dental bridge may be either mesial or distal to the span, but usually the bigger tooth.

The primary disadvantage of cantilever bridges is with small bridges the length of span is limited to one because of the leverage forces on the abutments especially on the most terminal abutment.

Cantilever Dental Bridge Video

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[1] Johnston J F et al: Modern practice in crown and bridge prosthodontics. WB Saunders Company

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