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  1. patricia sarmiento
    Feb 23, 2011

    hello there. i am Patricia, 19 y/o. im from Surigao City, Philippines. i was just wondering if i could post here.
    hmm.. okayy, i really dont know how to start these. i have a problem, Ive ben suffering these since i was young. i have a terrible teeth. it is disproportioned. for the last years, there wasnt really a problem. but these past few months, its getting worse. i got really conscious with it since im already a grown up.. there are times that my teeth hurts. like i cant eat hard or savoury or sweet foods coz there is these weird feeling that i cant eat properly. i dont smile a lot coz im already criticized. and i just cried myself alone if i couldnt bear it anymore. then ive been to numerous dentist already to have consultation and all of them said i need braces . but, so sad, we cant afford it. it has been really hard for me.
    im really sorry if it bothers you. i myself, i dont know how to say these, im so shy and embarassed but if anyone whos interested to help me, please reply. if you’re in doubt or you want to send me message, email me pachuchai06[at]gmail.com
    i know i cant return the kindness but the Good Lord knows and He will give you blessings always. thank you for reading. 🙂
    Salamat kaayo, hinaut unta matabangan ko ninyo.

  2. Bruce Alan
    May 9, 2012

    Hello Jesus,

    I just wanted to tell you how very appreciative I am of your uncomplicated yet thorough presentation of the various options and necessities involved in the assessment fitting and creation of partial and full dentures.

    Being a former lawyer and a survivor of several major brain injuries, my reading comprehension of website material depends a great deal upon how distracting the information is presented. Cluttered, fancy websites are a problem for many brain injury survivors because their ability to maintain focus is easily interrupted by unncessary distractions. The same is true for patients with many other brain-based difficulties such as ADHD, dementia and simply very old age.

    Your very organized presentations are of the sort which allow people like me with problems in attention, attention span, memory or basic cognitive skills to gain the optimum benefit from the information presented.

    Thank you for your continuing efforts!

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