Fixed Partial Denture Info

Fixed Partial Denture Info

Fixed Partial Prosthodontics Terms

Terms used in fixed partial dentures

Abutment is a tooth to which a bridge is attanched.

Retainer is a crown or other restoration that is cemented to the abutment. The terms retainer and abutment should not be confused or used interchangeably.

Pontic is an artificial tooth as part of a bridge.

Span is the space between natural teeth that is to be filled by the bridge.

Saddle is the area of the edentulous ridge over which the pontic will lie.

Pier is an abutment tooth standing between and supporting two pontics, each pontic being attached to a further abutment tooth.

Unit means either a retainer or a pontic. A bridge with two retainers and one pontic would therefore be a three unit bridge.

Connector connects a pontic to a retainer or two retainers to each other. Connectors maiy either be fixed or allow some movement between the components that they join.

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